31 – The Mandela Effect: False Memories, Satanic Cults, Parallel Universes, and more…

April 17, 2017

The Mandela Effect: a large group of people remembering an event that never happened or remembering an alternate version of an event that did happen in the same, incorrect way. Is this proof that there are parallel dimensions some of us are slipping in and out of? Is it the perfectly explainable result of false memory creation? Or, is it a glitch in some futuristic computer simulation we’re all currently (virtually) living in? We go full Twilight Zone on today’s Timesuck! And please, if you haven’t done so already, support Timesuck by filling out a quick survey at http://podsurvey.com/timesuck (You could win a $100 Amazon gift card!)

Berenstain Beras cover.

Living legend, Elizabeth Loftus

Lee Ann Womack (NOT Amy Lee Womack)

Mandela Effect originator Fiona Broome (looking exactly how you’d expect)

People magazine cover on McMartin trial

Michelle Remembers – book that launched 80s Satanic cult craze

Fake Shazaam! poster

Real Kazaam video cover


  1. Griffin Korbel says:

    This was an absolutely amazing suck! Can’t wait to hear what come next! Keep sucking master sucker

  2. Richard T Roberts says:

    You better not stop singing Michael McDonald!! I love it when u sing and if anyone one doesn’t like it they can choke on a long hard one!!! Keep on singing and keep on sucking!!

  3. Nemo says:

    Prosecuties.com – For all of your salacious litigious needs. Awesome show, Master Sucker! One quick note though about the Doobie Bros./Michael McDonald section: rightfully or wrongfully, the group is officially associated with McDonald as their original lead singer (Pat Simmons) was unavailable in 1976 for certain reasons. Sorry to be a killjoy on that (when it comes to your McDonald Brain Worms, I can never tell if you’re being sarcastic or not), but I just wanted to throw that out there.

  4. Nemo says:

    **CORRECTION => Please disregard the Michael McDonald comment: I am a moron. On a side note, my tag line for your new website Prosecuties.com still stands, I look forward to visiting it very soon.

  5. Justin P. says:

    Oh all powerful Master Sucker I’d like to gain some knowledge on the fucking horrifically insane Dahmer clan. Just curious it’s for scientific research only. I love listening to your podcast please keep on suckin you’re the best!!

  6. Jason Allen says:

    Just received that ohhh so soft timesuck T-shirt. This was a good timesuck, definitely see why you postponed doing it for so long; lots of weird rabbit holes to chase and just odd happenings. That is horrible what happened to those people with all those false allegations of abuse. Great job keeping all that non-sense straight.

  7. Hrothmeir says:

    Great episode! I had a little Mandela Effect fun of my own in the mid-2000s, when I convinced my mom we had watched a completely fictitious movie (similar to Open Water, but legally distinct.) Admittedly, she doesn’t have the greatest memory, but my insistence and a few key plot details got the ball rolling. This came back to bite me in the ass, as no matter how much detail I can provide, I cannot now convince her that we saw Holy Motors together, nor that it is a real film. Hell, I’m not totally convinced it’s real.

  8. Alexander Olivas says:


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