41 – Blood and Glory: True Tales of the Texas Rangers

June 26, 2017

If it weren’t for the Texas Rangers, Texas probably wouldn’t be a state today. These wild, eccentric frontiersman rode into battle on crippled legs, gun wound shortened arms, shot horseshoes out of cannons and did whatever it took to get the job done and win independence from Mexico. Meet the real Walker, Texas Ranger, meet the man who brought down Bonnie and Clyde, and learn some gritty Texas history along the way. Timesuck goes deep in the heart of Texas to tell Texas-sized tales of it’s first and fierce lawmen.

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The Battle of San Jacinto

Twin sister cannon replicas (horse’s feet inside?)

Ben McCulloch wearing some of that velvet

Robert McGee after the worst haircut of his life

Sam Walker thinking about making a bigger revolver

Texas Rangers, Company D, 1894

Frank Hamer and Ranger buddies looking tough AF

First Ranger Captain “Three-legged Willie”



  1. Casey Locke says:

    Hey Captain Suck,
    just wanted to say, awesome episode. But i noticed one thing. You pronounced San Jacinto as Hacinto. In the context it’s being used, it’s Jacinto. I’m from Texas and lived in a town that not only celebrated the San Jacinto Festival but was also the first state capital.
    Always your humble suck servant,

  2. Andrew Roberts says:

    Great episode thanks Dan hope your not on hold too long thanks again keep up the great work

  3. Brittney says:

    It took everything in me not to say out loud “Z-Pack” when mentioning the whiskey and laudanum. Another great episode Master Sucker!

  4. Alex says:

    When I first heard that you had an actual picture of someone who had lived a long time after a scalping I was intrigued. They pulled everything off?

    Holy crap Bojangles!

  5. Stephen Triplett says:

    Around the 17 minute mark for the Texas Rangers Time Suck, you say that Spain and the US argued over who owned Spain. Wouldnt they be arguing over who owned Mexico or something?

  6. Aaron Priest says:

    Dear King Cummins,

    My great grandmather was an Apache “princess”(not completely sure what they call their chief’s daughter),She was taken away from the reservation she was on at a young age and forced to learn English and write it and if she spoke in her native tongue she would get beaten as you said in this week’s Time Suck. When she had my grandmother she wrote that my grandmother was caucasian, so she would have to face the hardships she did in life.

    P.S. I felt obligated to share my family story because you decided to talk about what happened to the Native Americans and how you felt about it.

  7. JP says:

    Mack.. Embrace this suck until things in life get better. As you get older and have more control in your life, you’ll find strength easier to find because you can deal with things the way you need to. Just do so in a healthy way.
    Good luck Mack. Keep your chin up.

  8. Nick Bowden says:

    Sweeeeeeet tap-dancing mammals, this was a good one, Monsieur master sucker. I could not imagine how goddamn horrific getting scalped would be, holy mother of fuck. I also didn’t know how interesting the Texas rangers were. I love how even if the episode is on a topic that I happen to not be particularly interested in, you pull me in and get me interested with your comedy and plethora of badass facts. Just wanted to thank you for the pod, it very quickly jumped into my top ten podcasts lists looo-uh-uh-ooove it.

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