44 – The Transgender Debate

July 17, 2017

What does it actually mean to be transgender? Why does one person identifying as transgender scare, disgust, or enrage so many others? Does it really matter? Listen, be entertained, and maybe gain a new perspective on a topic you either knew nothing about, or learn something new about a topic you know a lot about, as I throw out some Transgender info and speak with a Transgender Timesucker in the Suck’s first ever interview.

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14 year old transgender girl, Corey Maison

67 year old professional asshole Bill O’Reilly

Bruce Jenner, 1976

Caitlyn Jenner, 2016

Canadian transgender country singer Jade Mya

Transgender rights supporters


  1. JP says:

    Dude, I’m at work… you alllmost made me LOL. that would be bad.. You’ve never just had the desire to grab a dudes hard…….. well you know…

  2. bound_Allis says:

    Oh man.. I’m only half way through the podcast and I’m having to pause and leave my desk at work to collect myself. Heavy shit, Dan. Thanks so much for tackling this incredibly important topic. Hopefully this will reach enough people that you make a dent in all the hate that surrounds people like me.

    Although I do want to doubly point out that sexuality and gender are two separate things. I can see drawing parallels but.. they’re not 100% related as the format of the podcast might imply. You could have made it clearer that it was not your intention to equate them.

  3. Erica says:

    Just finished listening Dan, it was great collaborating with you and although it’s always weird to listen to my own voice, I feel that you gave me a great platform to speak from. Thank you for proposing we do this, and keep sucking!

  4. Erica says:

    I’m glad I got to help out with this podcast, and I hope that your podcast keeps growing, Dan!
    Keep suckin.

  5. Jen says:

    It takes some real courage to not only talk about such a sensitive subject, but to also share personal stories of growth and transformation. Big thanks to Dan and Erica for shedding some light and a too often misunderstood topic.

  6. Shawn says:

    Hi!!! I’ve been a fan of your podcast for a long time and was pleasantly surprised when I saw that you had made this episode! I myself am a transgender male and while I did know most of these things it’s interesting to dive into different perspectives on the issue. I especially loved that you had the bravery to tell us about your own growth as a person regarding homosexuality and transgender people.

  7. Audrey says:

    I hate myself for being this asshole, but it should be learn something “new” not “knew” in the podcast summary above. Love the podcast, Dan, please don’t hate me too much!

  8. JP says:

    I feel the need to apologize on behalf of all Christians who have hated, teased, or bashed those of you with different sexual or gender orientations. Faith has since the beginning of time had that thread of fear and hate all thru it, and that’s not at all what the bible teaches. Jesus would have never stood for all of that.
    I know people throw around that ONE verse that talks about homosexuality being an abomination…yet people fail to read the rest of that verse. Below is the copy from a website that explains my point perfectly… we all fall short, and at the very least have some of the same sins in our hearts as those who oppress you who might be “different”.
    (And next time any man ostracizes you for your sexuality or practice…as him about his porn habits… as a man does in his heart, he is guilty).

    Sexual sins of any kind are considered “abominations” to the Lord. See Leviticus 18: 18 – 30, paying particular attention to verses 27 – 30, which refer to “all these abominations” – after various kinds of sexual activities apart from marriage have been mentioned. A similar list is repeated in Leviticus 20, concluding that God’s people ought not to do these things “after the manner of the nations which I cast out before you.” We find that the levitical laws also forbade remarriages of divorced couples, calling such an act an “abomination.” (Deuteronomy 24: 1 – 4) When we consider that Christ amplified these laws to include the lustful thought, who is without sin to cast the first stone?

    Dishonest business practices are named as an “abomination” in Deuteronomy 25: 13 – 16, Proverbs 11: 1 and Proverbs 20: 10. It seems that scrupulously honest business practices are required of any professing to be the Lord’s people. Do our practices pass the careful scrutiny of the Omniscient One?

    Oppressive treatment of others and a haughty attitude are considered as “abomination” in Proverbs 3: 31 – 32, and a “froward heart” is again mentioned in Proverbs 11:20. I wonder if some of the attitudes of conservative Christians towards gay people might not fall into these categories of “abominations.”

    A list of six “abominations” are also given in Proverbs 6: 16 – 19:

    These six things doth the LORD hate:
    yea, seven are an abomination unto him:
    A proud look, a lying tongue,
    and hands that shed innocent blood,
    An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations,
    feet that be swift in running to mischief,
    A false witness that speaketh lies,
    and he that soweth discord among brethren.

    1. ES says:

      Excellent points, thx for the references. I’m constantly disheartened by the actions of self-proclaimed Christians that run contrary to the Bible’s teachings.

  9. Patrick says:

    First, kudos to you for your honest and unabashed approach to not just this topic but to your inward look at yourself. I think this episode did a great deal to make this podcast truly an open forum where openness and truthfulness are held in such high regard. I know that I’ve been a fan for quite a while largely because the episodes are entertaining and I like your style of comedy, but this episode really made me see this as sort of an oasis where there’s no spin, there’s no agenda, and there’s no facade. I dig that, man. While I know there will be plenty of lighter topics (and I know they’ll be a lot of fun to suck on together) I’m really looking forward to diving in to these heavier issues and hearing from someone that is experiencing life and the world in much the same way the rest of us are. You’re using your platform in an incredibly admirable way

  10. Jason Whitman says:

    This was a fantastic podcast for this week. I’m your typical young white male adult and while I am generally very compassionate and understanding, I have been guilty of having negative and discriminatory thoughts about transgender individuals in the past. I remember talking with other male friends about how much of a “nightmare” it would be to meet a hot “girl” at a bar or club and take them home only to discover a dick, and that they were tricking guys into things like that. I am a lot better about recognizing and dismissing thoughts like that now that I am a few years older but today’s podcast really helped me to learn about transgender individuals and to put some actual thought about what they might/are going through in life. I know that after hearing everything today, I will be more understanding and less judgemental and phobic about transgender individuals. Thanks so much for the wonderful episode.

  11. Edmundo says:

    hail lord suckatron the magnanimus! amazing episode this week, hope it reaches a lot of people who still fails to accept the fact that we are all different. Anyway, keep up the good work and keep spreading the suck dan!

  12. Eric Kelly says:

    Thank you for this . My biggest idol growing up became transgender and she was a close friend. This is fantastic for many to hear . Gender dysphoria is shrouded in depression and anxiety. If we open our hearts to how we would feel generally while we young and impressionable and not steered toward a biased opinion. We could easily just be loving and accepting human beings . Thank you again dan for this wonderful and enlightening podcast also your brave guest Erica . I look forward to seeing you at the funny bone in Syracuse New York

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