45 – North Korea

July 24, 2017

What is happening over in North Korea and why do we not try and stop the atrocities being committed? Just how insane is Kim Jong-un? (VERY) How bad is life for the average North Korean citizen? (HELL ON EARTH) Does the North Korean regime have any redeeming qualities? (UM… NOPE) Find out how North Korea came to be and what life is like in the “Hermit Kingdom” in this totalitarian edition of Timesuck.

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Map of the Korean peninsula

Kim Il-Sung

Kim Jong-il

Kim Jong-un

American Otto Warmbier

Author and defector Park Yeon-mi

Staged crying at Kim Jong-il’s funeral


  1. Andrew Roberts says:

    Awesome thanks Dan

  2. Edmundo says:

    So sad this shit still happens, coming from a venezuelan, Just hope both our countries free themselves from the a-holes running them. Keep up with the amazing job Dan!! Hail Nimrod!!!!!

  3. Mickie says:

    Master Sucker,

    Did you happen to stumble across these videos while researching? If not, I hope you enjoy them:


  4. Brittney says:

    This was utterly hilarious. I do hope after all this research you looked into watching Seth Rogen and James Franco’s ‘The Interview’ because it is on par with how crazy all this is. You think anyone he went to college with was like “that fucking bullshit, writing how many books a day? I call bullshit, I never saw him write shit”. I feel like all the flat Earthers would feel right at home in the absolute horseshit fantasy world North Korea lives by- for they wouldn’t need to be threatened to believe in something so stupid, they’re already there. Thanks for continuing to make sucking awesome!

  5. Brittney says:

    I guess I should have actually clarified that the beginning of this was hilarious, and as it went on it got gruesome and utterly horrible. What monsters the government are in North Korea.

  6. Squirrelador says:

    How’s it going all mighty Suck God and Lord Optimus Suck! Just wanted to say I loved the episode and was horrified when you spoke about the mother that had to kill her baby. I can deal with a lot of crazy shit, but that one made my skin crawl. On a much happier note, I came to your show at the laughing skull Friday night and laughed my ass off. It’s the first show of yours that I’ve ever been able to catch so I got a front row table table with my wife just to make sure I would have some tall SOB blocking my view. You absolutely didn’t disappoint!! My wife liked it so much she finally sat down and watched “Don’t Wake The Bear.” Thanks for making my first show such a great one. (The guys with you were pretty good too) My Bojangles shirt didn’t arrive until today but I was trying to support the suck while I was there I promise. Anyway thanks for the Suck, I absolutely love it and look forward to every new episode. Keep on discussing whatever you feel like (controversial or not) and please never feel like there’s something that may be too far. I learned a ton about Transgender people from your show last week and if you had held back, I probably never would have known as much. Keep doing what you do and Keep On Sucking!!

    1. Squirrelador says:

      P.S. Fuck Chuck!!!

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