50 – The Ku Klux Klan

August 28, 2017

Recent events in Charlottesville, VA reminded me that the KKK is still around. I realized I’ve never thought much about who these people are. When was the KKK founded? By whom and why? Why are they still here? Why are people even racist in the first place? All of this and more gets the deep suck on today’s Timesuck!

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Still from the Birth of a Nation

2016 Georgia Klan gathering


Shitty Wizards


  1. Marc says:

    Suck it hard!
    Hey Dan.
    Nathan Bedford Forrest was the Vlad the Impaler of the South (loved by locals, hated by everybody else). If there was ever a dude in need of a timesuck it would be Forrest. He was a crazy showboat and absolute brilliant warrior. Dude is comedy gold. He was a trick rider as a kid where other people said “that kid is a wizard in the saddle”, which stuck. Forrest became famous for trick riding in combat – high in the saddle with twin guns blazing (repeated ad nauseum in every cowboy movie). In the Civil War, he got the nickname “the gray ghost” for legendary sneaky fast night raids (always from horseback).
    Forrest never surrendered to the North and disbanded his army ( BTW much like Pablo Escobar – he bought his own army). Then the KKK was formed from Forrest’s army.The Kkk effectively became America’s ISIS. The wizard and ghost shit was homage to Forrest.

    Slow stroking while maintaining akward eye contact……

    1. Marc says:

      Also, Dargons comes from Dragoons, a military calvary unit.The other seemingly stoopid name which again hints to the KKK origins being militaristic and orginized reminants of Forrest’s army.

      Still slow stroking….

  2. Matt G says:

    Good morning master of suck,
    I was a little behind due to my semester starting, but listening to all I missed makes me glad to be a listener. Hearing this weekly history lesson is awesome, and it gives insight that history classes will never tell you. I’m glad to be an avid listener, and for the love of god never stop sucking.

  3. Connie Miracle Albert says:

    First time listener. Awesome info. Love your delivery. Can’t wait to listen to more!!

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