51 – “The Iceman”: Serial Killer Richard Kuklinski

September 04, 2017

Richard Kuklinski once shot a man twice in the head on Christmas Eve because the guy owed him $1600. He beat a kid to death with a closet rod when he was 13. He strangled, stabbed, poisoned, shot, bludgeoned, burned, exploded and allegedly otherwise destroyed up to 200 men. Find out what made the Iceman tick and what finally brought this murder machine down in a very intense and graphic episode of Timesuck.

This edition of Timesuck is brought to you by Marc Maron’s new Netflix standup special “Too Real”. Only on Netflix, out September 5th!

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Richard Kuklinski in court

The Kuklinski family

Richard’s parents Stanley and Anna


  1. Erinn Whalen says:

    Great show Master Sucker!!!! Dan, with regard to guy who messaged in asking how does one balance tolerance and judgment, thank you for what you said. I”ve always had a hard time expressing to people my opinions of tolerance vs. judgement because to my conservative in-laws, I am too liberal and to my own family, too conservative. It’s nice to hear someone else say what I’ve been thinking my whole adult life and have taken shit for. I hate being branded as 2 faced or wishy washy about a subject but the truth is, I don’t really fit 100% into one side or the other. Maybe that’s what you would call being a realist?. Again, thank you for expressing yourself. It’s nice to know there are other like minded people out there that think for themselves and don’t just follow the majority. Hail Nimrod!!!

  2. Brittney says:

    My god, you’d think someone would have tried to break the cycle but nope-physical abuse all around! Another great podcast Dan- Your idiot of the internet at the end there-*whew* lets hope he’s left TimeSuck, for he is not a love of the suck! He did sound like a flatearther- and on that note, how funny is it that NONE of the flat earth society or people who don’t believe in global warming did not question how scientist would be able to predict when we would have the eclipse, or where these current hurricanes/storms are going? I love how they cherry pick stuff to fit their views, but will totally believe logic and reason when their life is on the line. Keep doing what you do Dan- for all us suckers I will say I’ve branched out onto the Small Town Murder podcast with those guys and I love it, thanks for recommending them. I did leave my branded stamp of loyal to the Suck when I reviewed though 🙂
    I look forward to the next Suck! But as a Floridian resident, lets hope we’re not underwater by the time it hits!

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