BONUS 8 – MK Ultra

August 25, 2017

In the 1950s, while many Americans were busy watching I Love Lucy or waiting for the new Elvis Presley album, the members of the CIA’s Project MK Ultra were busy dropping acid, taking shrooms, and conducting some of our nation’s most outlandish experiments in their quest to beat Russia in a race to see who could develop a truth serum, induce selective amnesia, and master mind control (spoiler alert – neither nation figured it out – thank God). Hear the true, declassified tales of CIA Cold War mayhem in the most hallucinogenic suck yet.

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Dr Sidney Gottlieb – CIA head of MK Ultra

Dr. Ewen Cameron – psychiatrist & Mk Ultra researcher

Dr. Albert Hofmann – creator of LSD

Cold War poster

Cold War Pamphlet



  1. D says:

    Hey Dan ; I love me some pancakes!!! You know the movie Jacobs ladder was about this…sux on man….

  2. Matt says:

    Ah, the irony of discussing the Red Scare in conjunction with today’s climate of “Anyone who promotes free speech and disagrees with me is a Nazi.” People are even denouncing the Macklemore or “Richard Spencer” haircut now.

    Really looking forward to the KKK episode, but I think an episode on Antifa would be quite interesting as well.

  3. Brittney says:

    Master Sucker,

    This episode was great and insightful. I love how you tear the idiots of the internet apart about the cloning nonsense. That is one of my biggest pet peeves is seeing those idiots comment on how Dave Chappell has been cloned because look at his arms and face- because clearly people are not allowed to age or work out to gain muscle; or that Eminem has been cloned because his music isn’t about drugs and alcohol like it used to be- even though all of his music he references in one way or another how he let down himself, his family and his fans with how he was doing all those harmful substances and that he wanted to change- becoming a new source of inspiration to others.
    ​As for the Slenderman update, the article I read was she (Anisa?) pleaded guilty on behalf of the victim’s family (Bella’s family) to prevent Bella from having to relive the horrific event. I did watch the documentary that you had mentioned and holy shit- those girls have no remorse. ​
    Keep doing what you do, we fucking love you for it!

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