EP 46 – Elizabeth Bathory

July 31, 2017

16th century Hungary was a place and time of unimaginable violence. Europe had been at war with itself and the Ottoman Turks for centuries. Hungary was located between the Holy Roman Empire and the Ottomans, and when those two empires weren’t battling each other on Hungarian soil, Hungary was battling itself. And after Hungarian nobles had squashed a recent peasant uprising, the Hungarian peasant class had become virtual slaves with zero rights, people the noble class could exploit however they wanted to. And since peasants were being constantly murdered anyway, what difference did 650 more disappearances, the number of victims Bathory is rumored to have killed, make? How did one woman stand out for excessive butchery in an age when butchery was the norm? Find out in another full-evil, medieval edition of Timesuck!

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Portrait of Elizabeth Bathory

Anna Friel as Bathory

Ferenc Nadasdy, the Black Bey (Black Knight)

Map of Europe, 1500

16th century map of divided Hungary

Reconstruction of Cachtice Castle (where Elizabeth lived and died)

Ruins of Cachtice Castle today

Underground chamber in Bathory’s castle


  1. JP says:

    I say let Penny live in the Time Suck studio, where she should be betrothed to Bo jangles. Together they can rule as they serve their Master, Lord Nimrod.
    I also think her middle name should be Wise.

  2. Brandon Creswell says:

    During your Idiots of the Internet segment, you talked about the game, Magic the Gathering, like it was a silly game that only losers play. Shame on you Dan. You want your show to be filled with tolerance and understanding. How much do you really know about the game? I’ve played Magic for ten years or so. We don’t sit around the table pretending to be all powerful conjurers. You need a keen, flexible mind to build a functional deck. You need your best poker face to lure your friends into a hellish trap. It’s a game designed for crafty sons-of-bitches. I’ll forgive you this time if you read this short article written for non-players. http://magic.tcgplayer.com/db/article.asp?ID=10400 Enough of the strongly worded letter routine. Congrats on the upcoming live podcast! I hope you have fun doing it.

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