The story of this little known cult is WILD. Was the cult leader, Terri Hoffman, capable of some kind of actual mind control? It honestly feels possible. This New Age guru who spoke of reincarnation, astral planes, transcending the trappings of your Earthly bodies, and fighting "black lords" in other non-physical planes of existence seems to have broken down the minds of numerous followers and pushed them into committing suicide, right after they made her the sole beneficiary of their wills. Terri was the daughter of impoverished laborers who became the leader of a movement that appealed not to confused teens, disillusioned college students, and random spiritual seekers in the late 1960s when so many cults were forming in America, but also to educated people well into their careers and adult lives, like a Yale-educated college professor. Ten of her followers would die via either odd suicides, murders, or strange accidents. Another follower vanished. The Devil is in the details, and Terri Hoffman comes across like an actual devil in this story, and man are the details of this story insane...

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