Did Scott Peterson REALLY kill Laci Peterson? Did you know that zero direct evidence tied him to these crimes? And a lot of the circumstantial evidence in this case was... very loose. And there were huge holes in the prosecution's case against him that they jury just didn't seem to care about. Did you know that numerous neighbors spotted Laci walking her dog in the neighborhood after Scott definitely left their home to head to the San Francisco Bay where and when he supposedly dumped her dead body? Did you know that the house across the street was burglarized at the same time she went missing? That one of the burglars reportedly confronted Laci? Did you know that other pregnant women were also vanishing from the Modesto area for a few years leading up this case, and that one had her headless, limbless body wash up on shore just as Laci's would later?  And there are so many other problems that were never properly addressed or explained in the mainstream media's coverage of all this. 

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