In 2014, two twelve year old Wisconsin girls believed in monsters. They believed in one, Slenderman, so completely, they decided to kill their friend to prove their worth to Slenderman so they could become his "proxies" and live with him in his woodland mansion. Luckily, their friend survived, despite being stabbed 19 times. Who is Slenderman? And why do some people still believe in him? And what exactly happened the day this girl was stabbed? Find out in a spooky, how-to-create-a-monster edition of Timesuck.  Check out today's sponsors: This episode of Timesuck is brought to you by the Fantasy Footballers podcast. The best fantasy football advice you can find and the most fun you'll have listening to it. Check 'em out and subscribe! - the best clothes in men's on-line shopping. Your very own stylist and a fast, easy-to-understand on-line shopping experience. Get $25 off YOUR FIRST purchase when you go to - top quality, stylish swim and beachwear for men and women. Go to to get FREE two-day shipping on your order! And head to the Hollywood Improv, October 5th, 7:30PM for the FIRST EVER live recording of Timesuck! Part of the LA Podcast Festival. Tickets only $15. Click here for tickets/more details.