The Children of God cult aka The Family aka The Family International is still around today which is very disturbing considering their twisted origins and disgusting, sexually exploitive doctrinal past. Founded by David "Huge Perv" Berg in 1968 in Huntington Beach, California, they now operate to an unknown degree internationally, basing their existence in a highly sexualized interpretation of Biblical teachings, interpreting God's love as being expressed best through sex.

Berg initially took a second wife saying it was God's will, as cult leaders so often do. He then began showing his followers "God's love" first through secret orgies with high-ranking members, then through the demand to share cult member's wives, who were suddenly forbidden to deny male members "God's love". David then commanded female members to spread God's love and do missionary work, which centered around "Flirty Fishing", i.e., having sex with random dudes to encourage them to join the cult. From there, women members, were pushed into "Hooking for Jesus" - outright prostitution. And from there, members were encouraged to show their children "God's love" as outright pedophilia was sanctioned and encouraged, even when it was incestuous. All based on creative Biblical interpretation of course! This people are insane. And you learn all about them in today's fascinating and mind-boggling edition of Timesuck!

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