Hi Meatsack! 

You know if you've listened to even one episode that charity is important to us here. We've donated monthly to charities for over three years now, going back to May of 2018. Over $220,000 and counting! And now, I'm sharing an episode of a podcast totally dedicated to giving back - the Real Good podcast. 

Real Good is a show that started last year at the beginning of COVID to highlight nonprofits doing work on the ground to help with the pandemic, but the big message of that season was that most of the problems people are facing in COVID weren’t new when it hit. They’re intersectional problems concerning race, class, gender and a lot more. 

The second season is out not and it’s broadening out a bit to focus on the people fighting systemic issues COVID highlighted.

You’re about to hear an episode of the podcast about supporting the AAPI community with Anna Mok, the co-founder of Ascend Leadership, a nonprofit supporting the AAPI community in business. If you like what you heard, go listen and subscribe to Real Good wherever you get your podcasts! 

And Hail Nimrod! 

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