Remember Jodi Arias? Remember why her trial back in 2013 captivated so many and made so many headlines? I'd forgotten. But I sure remember now.  Most people have either dated someone like Jodi, or known someone who has, or... been that person. The girl who just doesn't seem to understand the difference between someone just wanting to hook up with her, and someone actually caring about her. The girl who refuses to go away and gets a little scary after a breakup. And most of us have either dated someone like Travis, or known someone who has, or... been that person as well. The guy who keeps stringing along with some girl who he has no intention of ever having a serious relationship with even though that's what she clearly wants. A guy who keeps toying with a girl's emotions and using her for sex instead of letting her move on. What's that saying? Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned? Travis scorned Jodi one too many times... and man did he face some fury. Jodi turned out to not just be a crazy ex-girlfriend, but a murderous one. Today's tale is a cautionary one. Careful whose emotions you are messing with! 

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