Possibly the most meticulous Serial Killer the world has ever known, Israel Keyes spent years planning murders all across North America. Burying what he dubbed “murder kits” in various locations across the United States, he would travel thousands of miles to uncover a kit, racking up lots of frequent flier and rental car miles - before picking a random victim to slaughter. This careful planning, and the extreme lengths to distance himself from any connection to the disappearances of his victims, kept him from being captured for years. But then, in 2012, he got sloppy and attempted to get $30,000 in ransom money for the safe return of a young barista who lived just a few miles from his house. A barista he'd already raped and murdered. Today's tale is a crazy one. And Israel's murders and other crimes may be the least interesting aspect of his story. He was raised by paranoid, anti-government, white supremacists spiritual seekers and he spent most of his childhood living in a one-room cabin with no electricity or running water, being homeschool by zealots. 

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