As early as 1933, Hitler and the Nazis - the National Socialist German Worker’s Party - began passing a series of discriminatory laws against Jews— inch by inch, chipping away at their freedoms. They took away their property. Their ability to practice certain jobs or exist in public places. They took away their ability to own pets or walk around without a badge identifying them as Jews.
And they did all this while the world watched. While everyone hoped that maybe they’d finally just stop with all their mindless hate. But instead, they just kept pushing it further, and further, and further. Soon, the Nazi’s began deporting Jews. Sending them out of Germany and to various labor camps. Then, the plan changed from one of deportation to genocide, and concentration camps were constructed to efficiently kill massive amounts of people. The majority of people deported to these new death camps were transported in cattle wagons. These wagons - traveling along train tracks - didn’t have water, food, a toilet, or ventilation. Sometimes there weren’t enough cars for a major transport, so victims waited at a switching yard, often with standing room only, for several days.  Stewing in their own filth, fear, confusion and hunger. Sometimes, when the train made it to the concentration camp, and the transport doors were opened, everyone inside was already dead. Today we explore and explain the holocaust. How it happened and why, in a very dark, genocidal edition of Timesuck. 

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