Knock, knock, Meatsacks. Who's there? John Haigh. The Acid Bath Murderer. 

Between 1944 and 1949, John “the Acid Bath Murderer” Haigh killed between six and nine people. Several of them were his friends. And that fact didn’t cause him to hesitate shooting them, or beating them to death. The gruesome way he disposed of his victim’s bodies after he killed them shocked 1940s England and led to his nickname. After his murders, Haigh would dump victims' bodies into a tub of sulfuric acid and transform their remains into a human sludge he would then proceed to literally dump down the drain... or toss out in the yard. Another detail of his crimes that disturbed the Londoners reading about his crimes in the tabloids was an alleged post-kill vampiric ritual he may have engaged in. After his arrest, Haigh claimed to have drunk the blood of his victims immediately after murdering them. Why did he do it? It was all for money. Living in expensive hotels, driving fancy cars, and eating gourmet meals was more important to him than letting those around them continue to keep breathing. Excited to hop across the pond today for a bloody, bangers-and-mash, “maybe don’t eat while you’re listening to this one”, British true crime edition of Timesuck.

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