Did you know that Jesus was half-alien? And so was Buddha? And Muhammed, Joseph Smith, Moses, Abraham, and many other proclaimed  prophets throughout history. There are 40 in total, and a failed French pop musician and wannabe race car driver, Claude Vorilhon, claims to be the final and most important one. He's "Raël," which he says means "messenger of the Elohim." And who are the Elohim, in Claude's mind? A race of highly evolved aliens who created humanity 25,000 years ago. And they're coming back soon to either obliterate us, or raise our consciousness substantially and teach us how to use incredibly advanced technology, such as a machine that can clone anyone in a super cool sci-fi way that allows you to live forever.  Claude and his Raëlians have a lot of interesting beliefs! And they're very, VERY into sexual freedom. Raëlianism seems to be more about sex than it is about aliens. And it is also part of a very interesting modern branch of theology known as UFO religion. I gotta weird one for you this week - hope you enjoy it! 

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