Viktor Frankl and his logotherapy. This is the topic we examine this week to carry on the Timesuck tradition of ending the year on a little inspirational note. Frankl had everything taken from him - his parents, his wife, his career, his home, and more - all taken by the Nazis after they stormed into Vienna during WW2. Shortly before the Nazis arrived, Frankl had just opened his own psychoanalytic private practice and was developing his own school of psychological thought - logotherapy, based around one's mental health and happiness being rooted primarily in meaning. Do you feel that your life has meaning? A sense of purpose? Why do you get out of bed each morning? Like Nietzsche, Frankl believed that if you could answer the why, you could endure any how. And then this mindset was put to the ultimate test when Frankl found himself spending years in Nazi ghettos and concentration camps - he and his family brutalized for being Jewish. And there, surrounded by death and despair, in his darkest days, Frankl still found meaning in his life. A purpose. And because of that, I find his life and therapeutic outlook incredibly inspiring. He didn't just talk the talk, he walked the walk. I hope you enjoy how I lay out his story and his beliefs. And then I end today's episode with a look back at most of what we've done here on Timesuck in 2020, and I peek into 2021 and share a bit about what we hope to accomplish. Happy New Year and Hail Nimrod, Meatsacks! Thanks for coming along for this wild and wonderful ride. 

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