“We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.”   Anonymous - the hacking collective that for many put hacking on the map. Since 2007, Anonymous has hacked just about everyone: the CIA, NSA, the Federal Reserve, other governmental agency websites around the world, the KKK, the Church of Scientology as well. They've released millions of classified documents. They've disrupted business for multimillion-dollar corporations. Why do they do all this? Looking into that today. Also digging in the history of hacking and the culture of hacking they come from. Also looking into some other hacker organizations and some massive hacks they've pulled off, like hacking into ATM networks and deciding when and how much cash an ATM will kick out. The group that did that has stolen over 1.2 billion dollars to date. Hope you learn a lot with this one today. Get ready for lots of techno music and tons of cyber facts. Hail Nimrod! 

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