Robert Pickton was born in 1949 just outside of Vancouver, CA, in Port Coquitlam, on a pig farm. His parents were Helen and Leonard Pickton, two insanely filthy human beings who couldn’t have cared less about clean clothes or a house that wasn’t full of animal shit or even about bathing their children, Robert, his sister Linda, and his brother, Dave. Robert would live on the family farm his entire life before going to prison for the murder of six women. Police had evidence that he killed at least another twenty, but it was unnecessary to also try him for those crimes. Pickton killed these women and then butchered their bodies, feeding some of their remains to his pigs, and possibly feeding some of their remains to local Vancouverites as well. Today's story is such a strange one. It involves the Hells Angels, a place called the Piggy Palace Good Times Society, and so, so, so much filth. Hope you enjoy getting dirty with this Suck. 

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