The Jersey Devil. Is it a kangaroo-like creature with the head of a goat, horse, or dog? Most agree that it has wings, hooves, horns, and a tail. Where does it come from? Many describe a dragon-like creature. Or does it walk on two legs like others have reported? Some say it can fly. Legends say it has killed. It supposedly once survived a cannonball blast. It emits a blood curdling scream. It might be a pterodactyl. It can die and come back. It is almost certainly demonic. It murdered it’s own human mother and some midwives moments after its brith before flying up the chimney. It has a NHL hockey team named after it. There’s a chance it worked as a roadie on Bruce Springsteen’s Darkness tour in the summer of 1978. Okay. Maybe I made that last one up. Let’s head to Jersey, back to the it’s beginning, and crawl into the darkest corners of the Garden State to solve the enduring mystery of the Jersey Devil, today, on Timesuck. 

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