The Titanic sank in the early hours of April 15th, 1912. The luxury cruise liner that some thought of as being “unsinkable” turned out to be very, very sinkable. After smashing into an iceberg on its starboard side, it took less than three hours for the Titanic to become completely submerged, and over 1500 people would be dead. And then the Titanic would remain, undisturbed, on the ocean floor, for over seven decades. So much interesting info to cover today! We’ll look at how the Titanic was designed and built, plus meet some of the people who traveled on it and some of the brave crew that manned the ship in its final moments. We’ll go minute-by-minute through the tragedy in today’s Timesuck Timeline and then we’ll step out and look into some wild conspiracy theories that some people have cooked up over the years to explain the Titanic’s sinking. Did J. P. Morgan sink the Titanic to kill off some millionaire rivals? So much interesting information to dissect on this sea-faring, ahoy-matey, conspiracy-laden edition of Timesuck.

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