On December 31st, 2021, Hollywood legend and literally the most well-liked living person in America at one point, Betty White, passed away in her home in Brentwood, California. Even though she was 99 years old, it still felt like she was taken too soon. She was still so very much alive and looking forward to celebrating her 100th birthday in a little over two weeks. Most now seem to remember her from The Golden Girls, or The Mary Tyler Moore Show, or Hot in Cleveland. Or maybe that 2010 Snickers Super Bowl commercial. But by the time The Mary Tyler Moore Show debuted in 1970, she had already been regularly appearing on TV for over twenty years. She'd starred in and produced one of America's very first sitcoms - Life With Elizabeth - in the early 1950's. She'd had her own variety show, The Betty White Show. She'd starred in other sitcoms, and was a regular guest on dozens of games shows, late night talk shows, variety shows, etc. She's starred in movies. And she had an amazing life outside of entertainment. Her love story with third husband Allen Ludden reads like a movie script, but it was very real. Such an inspiring show today! I hope it makes you feel as good hearing it as it did for me when I recorded it. Hail Nimrod, everyone! 

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