In June of 2015, 48-year-old Dee Dee Blanchard was murdered in cold blood. Her murderer snuck into her bedroom at night and stabbed her in her sleep... seventeen times. A brutal crime. But, based on how Dee Dee had treated her daughter Gypsy Rose, was her murder justified? 

For twenty-three-year-old Gypsy's entire life, her mom had been telling others she was sick. And convincing doctors and other medical professionals she was sick. And she wasn't. Nevertheless, she was paraded around in a wheelchair because she supposedly couldn't walk, and her head was shaven because she was supposed to have cancer, and on and on. Gypsy Rose was a victim of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, a rare mental disorder where a caregiver convinces someone that they are sick when they're not, and convinces others they are sick, often for financial benefit. Always for attention and control. Gypsy Rose was less of a daughter and more of a hostage, someone who'd been medically tortured for over decades. Can we really blame her for talking someone into murdering her oppressor so she could live free? 

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