If it weren't for the Texas Rangers, Texas probably wouldn't be a state today. These wild, eccentric frontiersman rode into battle on crippled legs, gun wound shortened arms, shot horseshoes out of cannons and did whatever it took to get the job done and win independence from Mexico. Meet the real Walker, Texas Ranger, meet the man who brought down Bonnie and Clyde, and learn some gritty Texas history along the way. Timesuck goes deep in the heart of Texas to tell Texas-sized tales of it's first and fierce lawmen.  Today's timesuck sponsors!  ApplicationNinja.com Get one month of the most affordable, customizable, and user friendly Application Management Software on the market for free and hire the best employees for your business with ease.  Simlisafe! Powerful window and door sensors, 105 decibel sirens, 24/7 security professionals waiting to send police to your home, and more for only $15 a month! Get 10% off of the best home security system on the market and slip easy by going to Simplisafe.com/listen Own the best luggage on the market when you buy from Away! Stylish and virtually indestructible, with amazing features like a carry on with a USB charger capable of charging an iPhone five times over! Get $20 off by using the promo code TIMESUCK after heading to awaytravel.com/timesuck