Life was NOT easy on the American frontier for European and American settlers in the 19th century. You lived off the land or you died trying. You were always one wrong move from freezing or starving to death. You had to defend your property from horse thieves, bandits, and American Indian tribes understandably pissed off that you’d just settled on land they still felt belonged to them. And if you lived in or traveled around Cherryvale or the Osage Township in rural southeastern Kansas, you had another thing to worry about: being literally hammered to death by the Bloody Benders - a family of four killers. The Benders, sometimes called “America’s first serial killer family,” killed travelers that were unlucky enough to stop for the night at their tiny inn. As settlers swung through on their way to make a new life for themselves in the wild west, maybe carve out a small fortune, they were seated at a table, and the head of the murderous family, ol’ Pa Bender would beat their skulls in. Then daughter Kate would slit their throats, and then either Ma or John Junior would drop their body into the cellar via a trap door.  And later, one of the members of the Bender brood would bury the body in the orchard or vegetable garden out back.
This tale is a straight up real life horror movie in this week's, is this a new Rob Zombie movie? or an actual historical examination? episode, of Timesuck.

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