Alexander III, king of the ancient state of Macedon aka Macedonia - one of history’s greatest military commanders. And he was even more than that. He was also a scholar, a lover of literature and the arts, a deeply religious man. Undefeated in battle, he unleashed his army on countries great and small to forge an empire that stretched over three continents, from Greece to India and as far south as Egypt. He did all this in a little more than a decade after taking power at the age of twenty, until his untimely death at thirty-two. Alexander the Great was so great at destroying his opponents, his military tactics and strategies are still studied in military academies today.... over twenty-three centuries later. In a culture that valued war over all else, Alexander prevailed by being the best at conquering.
He did whatever was necessary to win - and sometimes things that maybe weren’t so necessary. Entire cities were sometimes destroyed, priceless artifacts obliterated, all according to Alexander’s mercurial will. What made Alexander so great? We attempt to answer that question and more in today’s ancient and bloody and interesting as Hell edition of Timesuck.

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