The Dark Ages. We attempt to suck a MASSIVE topic today. A thousand year's worth of European history. And actually, since we compare life in the Dark Ages to life in the Roman Empire, we end up covering two thousand years. The period between the fall of Rome in the fifth century and the beginning of the Modern Age that began sometime in the 14th century was an especially terrible time to be a European peasant. During the Dark Ages, you were bound to spend almost your entire life toiling over a small plot of land before you died around the age of thirty - if you were really lucky. If you tried to upend the social order at all - if you tried not to pay the insane taxes that your church or lord levied upon you - you would very quickly find yourself at the business end of a breast ripper or some other horrific, medieval torture contraption. It was a crazy time to be alive, and we look into how crazy it was, and how much better we have it today, on this medieval edition, of Timesuck. 

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