Andrew Jackson. Seventh president of the United States. First president born to immigrant parents. Only president to serve in both the American Revolution and the War of 1812. First president to be a resident of a state other than Massachusetts or Virginia. A hard-nosed son of Scotch-Irish immigrants who was quick to throw down in a duel. He fought in the Revolutionary War at the age of 13 and then fought off a would be assassin with a cane at the age of 68. And then he fought a whole bunch of people in between. First President to be assaulted while in office. First to have someone try and kill him in office. And now, long in the grave, his legacy fights to be known for more than slave-ownership and the infamous Trail of Tears. He was a polarizing man in his lifetime and had been even more polarizing in death. And we suck him today, on Timesuck!

You probably won’t love everything about him but if you don’t respect at least some of the life he lived, well, then you’re just weren’t paying attention, today, on Timesuck! 


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