America's 26th President went from an asthmatic child to a weightlifting, boxing, mountain climbing, book writing, lots-of-animals killing, calvary rough riding, NYC police commissioner, war hero, author, conservationist, Amazon explorer, and dude who didn't let a bullet to the chest stop him from delivering a campaign speech. He's Teddy Motherfuckin' Roosevelt. He's this week's fascinating edition of Timesuck. Please rate and subscribe and follow the suck on social media!! @timesuckpodcast on IG, @timesuckpodcast on Twitter, and  Head to the Hollywood Improv, October 5th, 7:30PM for the FIRST EVER live recording of Timesuck! Part of the LA Podcast Festival. Tickets only $15. Click HERE for tickets. Click HERE for standup show at the Melrose Improv on October 7th at 8PM.