The Boston Strangler! The residents of Boston, in late 1962 through the summer of 1964, were terrified of a man the newspapers dubbed “the Boston Strangler.” A sadistic serial rapist and murderer who was somehow seemingly tricking one area women after another into letting him into their homes where he’d then proceed to strangle and rape them. Police in five different jurisdictions scrambled to question every known pervert, petty criminal, and person with a history of mental illness and violence who could maybe be connected to the heinous crimes of the Strangler in some way.  And then the police found Albert DeSalvo… a man brought in on seemingly unrelated charges, who confessed to everything! The Boston Strangler was behind bars. Case closed! …or maybe not. Irregularities in the crimes, gaps in DeSalvo’s story, and the pressure on authorities to solve the case have led some to believe that DeSalvo was responsible for maybe one or two of the Strangler’s murders, but not for the rest. And he was never charged with ANY of the murders. Actually, no one was EVER officially charged with the Boston Strangler murders. So who really was the Boston Strangler? Today we’ll dig into the life of the man who would confess to being the Strangler - a man who for sure committed other disgusting violent crimes - Albert DeSalvo. And we’ll follow the Boston Police Department's hunt for this psycho as they form what was colloquially known as the “Strangler Bureau.” All of this and more on another true crime, “bet you’re gonna lock your doors now if you weren’t already,” edition of Timesuck.

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