Phillip Markoff. AKA, the Craigslist Killer. On the surface, Markoff seemed like a normal guy. A guy on the path to a lot of success. He was a six-foot-three, athletic-framed, blonde hair and blue-eyed, soon-to-be doctor. A studious kid in his second year of med school in Boston. He was ambitious. He finished his undergraduate degree in just three years. He seemed like he had a good head on his shoulders. He didn't. Towards the end of his short life, Phillip was hiding a secret life from his family and his fiancée, Megan, whom he lived with. And none of them would know about it until his arrest. They had no idea he was trolling around on Craigslist looking for victims, or that he’d created some BDSM hookup profiles behind his fiancé’s back. They knew he gambled, but they didn’t know how much and how often - or what he was willing to do to get some extra poker money. They didn’t know he had random women’s panties hidden under he and his fiancé’s bed. Today, we look into both Phillip’s secret and his public life, and we dig deep into how the internet became a new tool for killers to find their victims. And how Craigslist in particular seemed to become the most popular tool to find a stranger to hurt, on another true crime edition, of Timesuck. 

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