Former Russian police officer Mikhail Popkov was found guilty on December 10th, 2018 of killing fifty-six people in Siberia. All but one victim were women between the ages of seventeen to thirty-eight. He was given a second life sentence. He already had a life sentence he'd been given in 2015 when he was convicted of murdering twenty-two Russian women. He used his badge for years to lure women into his car, drive them out into the woods, and brutally rape and kill them. And the whole time he was also a devoted husband and father. His family was devastated by his arrest - refusing for years to accept that the man they thought they knew so well could commit the horrible crimes he was convicted of. We travel today to Siberia and piece together a picture of a complete and total sociopath, a man Siberian prosecutors say is “pathologically attracted to killing,” on another Russian serial killer edition of Timesuck.

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