So much WTF!?! coming at you today. Wow. Dwight York is a maniac. And a terrible writer. And only a good disco/r&b vocalist if you compare him to other cult leaders who also have dabbled in music. But somehow this two-bit con man strung together around two hundred pamphlets full of his very confusing and constantly changing theology, or "factology" as he'd call it. The only message that remained the same as Dwight shifted his teachings from being based in Islam to Christianity to American Indian mythology to extraterrestrial, conspiratorial, Heaven's Gate-ish teachings, to Egyptian lore - was a consistent focus on black supremacy. And the only action of Dwight's that remained constant over the course of two plus decades of running his cult, was the sexual abuse of his followers. Dwight York, now incarcerated in Colorado's ADX Florence "supermax" prison, was a sexual predator who preyed on victims as young as four. He somehow convinced a few hundred followers to build a massive Egyptian-themed cult compound for him in Georgia, the third compound he'd build after the first in Brooklyn and the second in upstate New York. Today's tale is a wild one. Cult! Cult! Cult! 

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