What in the shit are we talking about this week? Norse Gods! Turns out they’re still being worshipped today. Who knew? Well, our own Timesuck editor Jesse Dobner for one, who is a practicing Asatruar.  Apparently a lot of people in Iceland also knew and quite a few in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. Even a few Timesuckers. I didn’t. I thought Thor was a comic book character whose Marvel mythology kicked off three really successful movies and made Chris Hemsworth a star and Stan Lee even more money- like he needs that. I had no idea that those movies and the comics they came from were based on real mythology. Turns out the Scandinavians have an origin story as fantastical and interesting and magical as the Ancient Greeks. And just like some people still worship the Ancient Greek and Roman Gods from Mount Olympus - seriously - somebody is hoping he’s on Zeus’s good side right now - others worship the Norse Gods of Asgard. As in Thor. Right now. I learned so much this week - my mind was expanded in surprising ways - and now you too are gonna learn so much and have a great time in this Norse Gods edition of Timesuck! 

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