LSD is a powerful, mind-bending drug. Only a crazy person would try and tell a coherent and compelling two-hour-plus historical narrative while frying their brain on the equivalent of four hits of acid. And well... I am that crazy person. Today, to celebrate the 300th episode of Timesuck, I try and pull this story off immediately after dropping two double-hits of LSD. And things get.... weird. Also, what an amazing story! Bass Reeves' name and story are finally getting more exposure and it's about damn time! There's a good reason some people think Bass is the real-life inspiration for the Lone Ranger. This guy was a borderline superhero. Quick on the draw, fearless, and possession a relentless sense of justice, if you were and outlaw and Bass had ahold of your warrant.... you were as good as caught. Or as good as dead. The man was like a Wild West Boba Fett. He was the best at one of the hardest jobs in the Wild West  - a Deputy Marshal tracking down wanted men - and the occasional wanted woman - in Indian Territory, an especially lawless land that sat where present day Oklahoma now stands. Adventure awaits in today's yip, yip, yaw episode of Timesuck. 

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