WARNING/DISCLAIMER: This is the most disturbing episode of Timesuck thus far. To the point I considered not releasing it. Maybe it just hit me unusually hard for some reason but the crime scene details are very sexually explicit and haunting. If descriptions of sexual torture trigger you in any way, sit this one out!

David Parker Ray, the Toy Box Killer, kidnapped, sexually tortured, and possibly murdered an untold amount of women in the American Southwest in the 1990s (and maybe even earlier than this). We'll never know the full extent of the violence and damage he spread. We do know he created a $100,000 "Toy Box" - a customized metal trailer equipped with a gynecologist's chair, and homemade "sex toys" designed to cut, electrocute, tear, pierce, penetrate, and sodomize victims confined to his trailer with shackles and a metal collar. We know he raped his victims, that his accomplices raped his victims, and that he even forced victims to engage in bestiality. He recorded much of what he did on video. He led a small, Satanic sex cult in the otherwise sleepy, lakeside community of Elephant Butte, NM. He recorded and played a horrific BDSM sexual orientation tape to be played for victims he kidnapped and drugged describing in excruciating detail the horrors that awaited them in the days ahead. The tale of the Toy Box Killer reads like something out of an Eli Roth torture porn script. And we peek into this preposterous darkness in this you never really know what's going on in your neighborhood, fear the darkness edition of Timesuck.

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