Cult! Cult! Cult! We're back to sucking on a cult - a small and relatively unknown one which is surprising considering how crazy this story is. For well over a decade, conman Daniel Perez convinced a small band of followers into thinking he was possessed by three mostly evil angels, or maybe was an angel, and that he had the keys to heaven, or maybe reincarnation? And that he could make it rain, or maybe bring animals back from the dead? He was way better at talking followers into dying so he could get their life insurance money than he was at keeping his nonsensical claims straight. For years, he and his small band of followers lived on a compound called Angel's Landing just outside of Wichita, Kansas, messing around with ATVs, driving fast cars, playing with model airplanes, and getting drunk at weekend parties while everyone conveniently ignored the fact that he was doing stuff like sharing his bed with an eleven-year-old. This ridiculous pervert has been in prison for years now where he will thankfully die. Find out how he got there on this week's super strange tale. 

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