Can you imagine fighting a war for a country that had removed you from the land your ancestors lived on for centuries - a country actively trying to erase your language and culture? That’s exactly what the Navajo Code Talkers did in WW2. The Navajo code talkers took part in every assault the U.S. Marines conducted in the Pacific from 1942 to 1945. They served in all six Marine divisions, Marine Raider battalions and Marine parachute units, transmitting messages by telephone and radio in their native language - a code that the Japanese never broke. The US government had been trying to erase the Navajo language for decades. Luckily they weren't successful, for the Navajo language and its code talkers contributed greatly to Allied victory over the Japanese. A small group of brave meat sacks built an unbreakable code from a language they’d been forbidden to speak in their childhood. Pretty crazy. The inspirational story of the Navajo code talkers, a deep dive into the Pacific theater of World War II, and of course so much more, today, on Timesuck! 

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