Randy Kraft might just be the most brutal and prolific serial killer you've never heard of.  Convicted of sixteen murders, prosecutors felt they had enough evidence to charge him with forty-five killings. Most now assume he killed at least 67 victims. And he did so horrifically. A true sexual sadist, Randy targeted young men and boys from 1971 to 1983, removing the genitals of many of his victims BEFORE killing them. Today we cover his life from the beginning to sitting in a prison cell in San Quentin today. 
The Scorecard Killer still refuses to take responsibility for the many horrific crimes he committed. And his crimes were truly horrific. In addition to emasculation, Randy cut, burned, and used foreign objects to sodomize victim after victim before strangling most of them. And no one in personal life, before he was caught, seemed to think he was capable of any violence. 

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