Mao Zedong's name is associated with one of the heinous totalitarian regimes of the 20th century - if not one of the most heinous regimes in the history of the world. Due to famines brought about directly by his brutal policies and political "purges" he authorized, roughly 45 million Chinese citizens died. Possibly tens of millions more. Chairman Mao is responsible for more noncombatant deaths than Hitler and Stalin combined. So doesn't that make him the worst mass murderer of all time? We take a look at China in today's big episode - it's history, it's culture, and how the communist came to power in the wake of WW2 with the son of a farmer as their leader. We explore Mao's life and the rise of communism in what was long an imperial nation, in today's true crime, why didn't he brush his death, yes he really tried to have all the sparrows killed, insane, tyrannical edition of Timesuck. 

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