The Denver Airport was built by the New World Order. The Denver Airport contains the international headquarters of the Illuminati. Collectively, the Satanic art installations of the Denver International Airport point towards an impending planned apocalypse. The Denver International Airport is built atop a massive underground city built to house the global elite after the lizard Illuminati brings about the apocalypse. These are just SOME of the conspiracies that have floated around on the web regarding DIA since it opened in February 1995. Today on Timesuck, I address these conspiracies and others and then walk through how the accusations are either simply not possible or how there are perfectly reasonable explanations behind aspects of DIA that have been accused of being nefarious in nature. I poke logic holes in many of the conspiracies because I am ONE OF THE REPTILIAN ELITE! JOIN ME WHEN WE SOON GATHER UNDER THE DENVER AIRPORT TO BRING ABOUT A NEW WORLD ORDER! Jk? 

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