Covering a lot of ground today! Going over the history of human opioid usage - the opium poppy is one helluva plant. What different types of opiates and opioids are out there? Why are we having a record number of opioid overdose deaths now when we've been using opiates going back at least as far as the ancient Sumerians? What changed in the 1980's to lay the ground work for the opioid epidemic we have today in the United States? What is Big Pharma's role in this epidemic? What are we doing to help millions struggling with a very, very powerful narcotic addiction? And what the Hell is Whipple Chill!?!  A lot to unpack today on an especially informative, drug! drug! drug! edition of Timesuck. 

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IAVA serves and empowers the post-9/11 veterans' community. They offer guidance and support, such as helping vets get and use their GI bill, helping them with housing, directing them towards mental health support, and more.

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