On May 23rd, 1934, 23 year old Bonnie Parker was shot 26 times. 25 year old Clyde Barrow was shot 17 times. They died in a hail of gunfire, initiated by legendary Texas Ranger Frank Hamer, who'd come out of retirement to catch them.  Why did the law man want them that dead? Because for over two years, the Barrow gang had been behind a preposterous number of bank robberies, prison breakouts, and murders. Who were Bonnie and Clyde? Why'd they do it? Find out in this high speed pursuit, bustin' loose edition of Timesuck! Today's episode is brought to you by Dollar Shave Club. Go to www.dollarshaveclub.com/timesuck today and get their badass Executive razor handle, four stainless steel, six blade cartridges and a tube of Dr. Carver's Shave Butter sent to your door for only 5 bucks! Best razor you'll ever use Timesuckers!