So many of us have thought about disappearing and starting a new life somewhere else. It's a common psychological phenomenon. When life feels too overwhelming - when you feel trapped in a situation you desperately want out of - how fun is it to fantasize about leaving it all behind? Reinvent yourself! Be you've always wanted to be - who you know you could be - if you were just given a fresh start. But very few of us actually do disappear and attempt this. Luckily for today's show, a lot of people have actually tried to pull this off. We don't know much about many people who have done successfully... all we know about them is that they went missing. But the ones who've tried to disappear and failed - to abandon their families, collect a life insurance payout, evade the law, etc., only to eventually get caught, their stories tend to be fascinating. And we'll share many of those stories with you today and more! 

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