Susan Alamo was a cult leader and televangelist who founded the Alamo Christian Foundation with her husband, Tony, in Hollywood, in the late 1960s. Then they quickly built a compound just north of LA for their growing number of followers. And then they built a HUGE compound in Arkansas a few years later. Susan thought that God spoke to her, and when she died, Tony claimed that Susan spoke to him on behalf of God. And if God did talk to these two, he sure told them to do a lot of horrible stuff. The Alamo Christian Foundation was at the heart of a number of lawsuits and government actions, and Tony was jailed numerous times on a variety of charges, including income tax evasion, the theft of his late wife’s body, and taking underage girls across state lines for sex. Tony started off as a con artist and ended up as a polygamist and pedophile who abused his followers for decades. The Alamos made a lot of money off of these abused followers. Tens of millions of dollars. And Tony also bedazzled a lot of jean jackets. You read that right. The rise and fall of the Alamo Cult, today, on another cult edition of Timesuck!

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