"I'm your huckleberry." Did the real Doc Holliday actually say that? Or was that some Hollywood dramatization added to Tombstone? Turns out he did tell Johnny Ringo he was a huckleberry when he tried to step in for Wyatt Earp in a showdown. Val Kilmer's performance may have been much more accurate than I ever realized.

John Henry Holiday, better known as Doc Holliday, was a Wild Western anomaly. He was a gambler, drunk, a gunslinger, possibly even a thief - BUT - he was also an educated Southern dentist raised by well-to-do plantation owners. He was a complicated and fascinating man who we only know through the descriptions of those who knew him, some of whom liked him and admired him and others who despised and reviled him. This was a really fun story to suck into, so let’s head back to the Wild West - been awhile since we visited - today, on Timesuck.

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